About Headthegong.com: “Head the gong” is just an idiosyncratic way my friends and I remind ourselves and each other to seize the day, take the bull by the horns, go all-out in everything we do, live life full-throttle, etc. There’s a story behind the phrase. It has something to do with Led Zeppelin, drum solos, and hurling oneself head-first into a gong. You know what I’m saying – Head the gong!

I started this site as a way to stay connected — to friends, to my deepest self, to that mysterious something that comes alive when I create from the heart. Like everything in life, what I do here keeps changing, evolving, devolving, going in circles. At this point, the site mainly features my blog, music, and podcast.

About Isaac Dust: Most people call me Bob. Feel free to contact me at isaac dust at g mail dot com.

[About the “Donate” button: I am not looking to make money here, but since it does cost some money to keep the site going (currently about $150.00 per year), I will gratefully accept donations to assist in covering those expenses.]