About Headthegong.com: “Head the gong” is just an idiosyncratic way my friends and I remind ourselves and each other to seize the day, take the bull by the horns, go all-out in everything we do, live life full-throttle, etc. There’s a story behind the phrase. It has something to do with Led Zeppelin, drum solos, and hurling oneself head-first into a gong. You know what I’m saying – Head the gong!

I started this site as a way to stay connected — to friends, to my deepest self, to that mysterious something that comes alive when I create from the heart. Like everything in life, what I do here keeps changing, evolving, devolving, going in circles. At this point, the site mainly features my blog and my music.

About Isaac Dust: Most people call me Bob. Isaac Dust started out as a semi-secret pen name/band name that made me feel more comfortable expressing myself in an unrestrained, uncensored fashion on the internet. Over the years, the cat’s gotten out of the bag, and most who care know my “real” name. For me, though, Isaac Dust has always been much more than a pseudonym, and the name has become a kind of guiding symbol, plugging me into my creative process and drawing me toward a more radical authenticity. And let’s face it, it sounds cooler than “Bob.”

Mostly though, this whole thing is a thinly veiled cry for attention, so, by all means, drop me a comment, tell me how great I am, or contact me at isaac dust at g mail dot com.

[About the “Donate” button: I am not looking to make money here, but since it does cost some money to keep the site going (currently about $150.00 per year), I will gratefully accept donations to assist in covering those expenses.]