Brian Hall

Known by his friends as a “laser beam of soul,” Brian makes music that stops you in your tracks, stirs you somewhere deep down, and leaves you with a sense of wonder and an open heart. Here are some of Brian’s great tunes from my collection:

Brian’s web presence has faded over the years. The only live link of his that I can find is this catalogue page from his Outside Records site. Outside Records is Brian’s self-run indie label, but it’s not clear if he is still actively involved in recording/producing music.

A fellow Brian Hall fan named Nathan, from the Harding Street Assembly Lab (“a small, physical media based label based in Lynchburg Virginia whose goal is to bring some attention to the music that lives & frequents south central Virginia”), has put together a wonderful tribute to Outside Records/Brian Hall that makes available for streaming some of Brian’s classic releases. Here’s a sample:

Finally, here are a couple of Brian Hall covers that I recorded myself:

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