Red House: Jimi Hendrix, New York Pop, Randall’s Island, 1970

Every several years I rediscover this version of Red House, which features some of the best guitar soloing I’ve ever heard in my friggin’ life. It starts with Hendrix saying, “Fuck off man, let me talk…”, and then he and his guitar have a serious conversation about the birth and death of the universe. Eric, Jeff, Doug and I sat together many-a-time in our living room on that fifteen-seater couch spinning vinyl, getting ready to hit the town, or coming back from a night on the town looking to take the party to a new level, and we’d drop this Hendrix compilation on the turntable:

jimi hendrix concerts

Then came the “Fuck off man, let me talk…”, then the respectful, reverential shifting of attention into full focus, then this:

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6 Responses to Red House: Jimi Hendrix, New York Pop, Randall’s Island, 1970

  1. golem says:

    The only version that rivals this one is from Fillmore East, May 10th, 1968, late show, that clocks in at approx. 16 minutes.

  2. JLE says:

    Hands down the best version of Red House ever! His playing was out of this world on this performance.

  3. Stephen Siegel says:

    Wow. I was at his Red House concert on Randells Island when I was 16.
    This was the greatest and most memorable concert in my life. His guitar came to life and had a soul of its own. Playing behind his back or with his teeth made no difference.

  4. Rob says:

    I was at the Randall’s Island concert which sadly had day two severely curtailed. But day one was awesome! John Sebastian, Steppenwolf! Jethro Tull, and at long last and deep into the night, Hendrix! He was amazing

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